Monday, May 31, 2010

LeJog 2010 - Post 3

Nick sends us this update as his ride draws ever closer:

"So now we only have 2 weeks until we begin our end-to-end ride. Daunting though it is, training is still going well and Simon and I have both done more miles in May than in any single month ever before! I’m currently on 666 and Simon’s on 715. That puts us at 2770 miles (171 hours) and 2443 miles (151 hours) for 2010, which is double the amount I’d done at this point in 2009. Considering I’ve always done a lot of cycling, that’s quite a big difference. Although I’ve enjoyed doing so much riding, I’m looking forward to spending 10 or more hours on my bike every weekend – it’s pretty exhausting!

I was quite interested to see how my body would hold up to increasing my hours in the saddle so much. I’ve lost a bit of weight (although there wasn’t much to lose) and I’ve had one or two minor colds, but overall I seem to have adapted to it pretty well. I had to give myself one injection of factor VIII a couple of weeks ago after I got a sore ankle after a hard training weekend in Chester, but one dose cleared it up completely and I was back on the bike after a couple of days. I spoke to my Haemophilia doctor recently and he advised that during the ride itself it would be a good idea to dose myself every other day, just to be on the safe side. I was grateful for the advice, since I think I tend to under-treat myself. It was certainly different advice to that which I got when I was growing up – when dosing just so that I could play sports was not recommended. Overall I’m sure my cycling helps with the Haemophilia – my dose a couple of weeks ago was my first for 13 months.

Since my last post my cycling has been going through the roof! Lizzy and I had a relaxing week’s holiday in Scotland, but even that involved a few short bike rides, as well as about 40 miles walking and 7 Munro Mountains conquered! A training weekend in Chester saw Simon and I ride 110 miles on the Saturday and 50 on the Sunday, and then the following weekend we did the same again in Sheffield. I then did 123 miles on my own in 30 degree heat on this weekend just gone, so we’ve been getting plenty of 100 mile rides in. When I have visited Simon in Chester, or Simon has visited me in Sheffield, the plan has been to get a really long ride in on the Saturday, followed by a shorter one on the Sunday. That gets us used to getting back on our bikes after a long day, and means that whoever needs to drive home on the Sunday evening doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel!

The weather’s been a bit changeable – yesterday it was baking hot and I couldn’t drink enough, whereas two weeks ago I went out for a ride with the local cycling club one evening and came home with blue lips and numb fingers due to the cold! Somewhere in the middle would be nice for mid-June.

We’ve hired a Garmin bike sat-nav computer for our ride and have tested it out a few times on our recent rides. Although not perfect, it’s going to save us a lot of time stopping and looking at maps. The photo attached here is our print out of our route right from Lands End to John o’Groats – I’m glad we won’t need to take this in our back pockets!"