Thursday, August 12, 2010

BST2010 Report

Still recovering from his exertions at the weekend, Raj sends this report:

Day 1 - Winchester to Steyning

The plan to do 60 miles on Day One was a tad much!

We started at 8am and were still riding at 9pm.

We had a BST first-timer with us (Dan Bzowski) who was riding a Scott hard-tail, which shook his fillings a little, and meant we were averaging between 3-4 miles an hour at the beginning.

The hills were long and steep, and the loose chalk and gravel made riding difficult in the rain.

I would definitely never attempt it again without GPS:  although the entire route is signposted, it is unclear at times and temporary diversions were poorly marked.

We ended the day at 9:30pm at Steyning.

Day 2 - Steyning to Eastbourne

The second day promised stunning views, and although the hills continued, there were some excellent downhills which were just about manageable with the chalk making the ride a lot rougher.

The signposts were a little less relied upon as the coastline was visible and one of the riders doing the route in the opposite direction pointed us in the direction of Eastbourne.

Overall, I would definitely not recommend attempting this on a hard-tail as Dan would confirm.  I rode a Rocky Mountains Slayer with 160mm of travel but that didn't save me from saddle burns!

We only had one puncture throughout the journey which was a refreshing change from the North Downs we did with BST three years ago.
So far the total raised is about £1,000 but I will confirm once I've made sure everyone is going to donate has done so.
Well done to Raj, Michael and Dan from everyone at Blood, Sweat and Tyres!